Boat names are a great way to give your boat a personal touch and and an easy way to add  character which gives your boat a your own unique identity with the added bonus of adding your own personality on to your boat.

There are several techniques one can use to come up with a unique boat name.

One could use an old personal nick name association that has been used by mates for a long time as a unique boat name. For whatever reason an example is if your nick name is for example Bulldog you could add a cool graphic of a bulldog as a boat name.

Boat names can be represented solely by just graphics if you wanted to and do not need to be
represented by text based names only.

You could also use clever names like wave rider, cause for divorce or just floating. I would use a boat name like Cause for Divorce if your boat was a large 25-30 footer that cost more than $100,000 which is a substantial amount of money and is a cause for a divorce.

Your boat name needs to be unique and creative. You could choose a name like Hooka if your purpose when you go boating is fishing. Other names such as heaven can wait and hell ya
shows passion and gives much needed attitude for a boat that have passionate owners.

In the end don’t rush the decision when naming your boat. You will know when you have have right name when it feels right.

What you decide to name your boat is your choice or your family’s choice.

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